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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Some Reviews of Moments with God

I thought today I would share what people are saying about 
"Moments With God".  

This is a wonderful compilation of meditations that challenged me to pursue God in a deeper way. This is definitely a book to read & re-read. Although based on praying through the rosary, being a protestant, I enjoyed it thoroughly and think it crosses all denominational lines. Her personal testimony section of this book is a beautiful picture of the depth of God's grace, mercy, and love for each one of us.
Your book, Moments with God was an eye opener. I loved the rosary prayers and pray one each day, but the ones in Embrace the Morning are so appropriate for me when you wrote: At day's end may I count my blessings with love and gratitude. Oh, Patti you have touched my heart. Your personal story made me cry – with sorrow, love and hope. What wonderful courage it must have taken to write and come so far – all with His grace and love. Thank You! 
Five Stars for Patti!! A book written from the heart by the heart! Patti provides encouragement to those who struggle with their past. Recovery, is a process which takes the heart on a journey through God's Mercy and Love. Patti shares her past with humility and grace. Many will be touched by her courage to heal. Patti shares that God's mercy is for everyone!!! Even for those who feel they are unredeemable. Bravo Patti!! Finally a book that tells it like it is!! Gods Mercy is for everyone!   
Friends, I really want to recommend this book, oh my goodness, it is an amazing meditation! Patti is a sister in Silent No More Awareness!

A reminder to readers out there ... Your opinion is invaluable to authors! When you finish a book, please take a few minutes and write a review.  Thanks! 

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