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Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Writer's World - Author's Support Blog Hop

I'm involved in the Author's Support Blog Hop, sponsored by Sharon Bayliss.  Thank you Sharon for this opportunity to share and support each other!

                    WHAT do you do?
              (A summary of my crazy life and responsibilities)

Two years ago my parents and uncle moved in with my husband and me due to their advanced age.  My mom was diagnosed with cancer and dementia last year so I retired as a background investigator to become a full-time caregiver. She was welcomed into Heaven in February and although my dad and uncle are in relatively good health (my dad is 86, my uncle 81), they both use me as a chauffeur, appointment keeper and secretary.  I also co-lead Rachel's Hope Post Abortion Healing Retreats, serve as Regional Coordinator for Silent No More Awareness Campaign and sing in my parish choir. 

HOW do you do it?
(How do you manage to find time to write? What tips can you share?)

I usually write in the wee hours of the morning while everyone is sleeping.  It's important for me to spend quality time with my dad and uncle while my husband is at work, then have quiet time with him when he gets home from work and on weekends.  I'm sometimes sleep-deprived but it's well worth it (and I do get chances for catnaps)!  

WHY do you do it?
(Other than just sheer insanity, what keeps you going? Why have you chosen the life of an over-stressed author? What keeps you motivated during dark days?)

Why do I do it?  Because I love to write and it actually brings sanity to my life; it's an emotional release valve of sorts. Prayer and the never ending love and support of my family keeps me going. As far as motivation during dark days, I turn to God and my family.  In addition, I am truly blessed to have an                                                                  exceptional publisher (Helping Hands                                                    Press) and a network of friends                                                              and fellow authors that are always                                                          there to offer encouragement.


I sometimes find myself feeling guilty when skipping a night of writing, which results in undue stress and writer's block.  Does anyone else pack their bags and go on that guilt trip?


  1. I write throughout the day but if I had to pick a time, early mornings would definitely be best. The world definitely leaves you alone at 4 or 5 a.m.!

    1. I'm definitely left alone...I'm usually writing at 2 a.m.!

  2. Yes! I often have that guilt trip. I'm in the midst of writing a series so there is always something to write, and often on deadline. As a writer, the work is never done!


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