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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Appointment

Today was one of those days ...

My dad gave up his driver's license a few weeks ago, so I'm chauffeuring him around in his van.  He cancelled his insurance and I added the van to mine.  The last step was to add my name to the registration.  Of course, that's one of the few things you cannot accomplish online through the DMV website.  "No problem!", I said to myself, "I'll just make an appointment. We'll be done in no time!"

We arrived a few minutes before the appointed time and gasped at the line that formed from the door, all the way around the corner.  Is this the only DMV office in California????  I approached a security guard (used for crowd control and meting out justice for line jumpers), and asked where to go if we had an appointment. He said, "Line B".  

We entered the overcrowded building, grateful Line B had only three people ahead of us.  Now,  I'm all for excellent customer service,  but I swear the woman at the appointment window was a long lost relative of the three people ahead of us. Twenty minutes later we reached the window.  I handed her the paperwork, and she gave me two forms.  "Once you fill these out, go to Line A".  Line A?????  I HAD AN APPOINTMENT!  Not wanting to face the wrath of the inside security guard (probably used to restrain people like me that are told to go to line A), I bit my tongue, grabbed the overused clipboard and dad and I sat down on a hard bench, where lo and behold, a mother and four kids were waiting.  At least the mother was.  The kids were screaming and running around, the mother just sitting there and smiling.  Ever hear of the word QUIET or SIT DOWN?  

I quickly finished the forms and dad and I wandered over to line A.  No one was there!  Woo Hoo!  Another woman called us up, and I was sure this would be the last step.  She smiled a wicked smile and like a school teacher, circled two boxes I had missed.  "You need to fix these and return to Line A."  ARGHHHHHH! Those two boxes needed a few numbers, and that's all.  I could have fixed it in three seconds but NOOOOO.  So I grabbed the ratty clipboard, escorted dad to a seat, then scurried back to Line A while filling out the stupid boxes.  Reaching the window, I felt victorious. This should be it....  I HAD AN APPOINTMENT AFTER ALL.

She took the forms, wrote something on them and stapled a piece of paper on top. It said J-010 and she uttered the unbelievable words...."Just look at the display board for your number to come up."  WHAT???????   I  HAD AN APPOINTMENT!

I joined my dad in the crammed waiting area - everyone was staring intently at the display board, mentally willing their number to pop up.  Okay, it shouldn't be much longer....I HAD AN APPOINTMENT.

The woman that manned the window was dealing with someone and it was taking forever.  She kept asking him for more information (why didn't he get sent back to line A?)  Twenty minutes later it appeared she was finishing up.  She gathered all the papers, smiled, then RIPPED THEM UP, starting all over again. Then she called over her supervisor for assistance.  They chatted for I swear thirty minutes  (okay, five). She reentered all the information into the computer and this time it must have been correct.  She took the guy's money and magically J-010 was on the reader board!  

We walked towards the window as if we were receiving an academy award!  We did it!  Thank you, thank you!  Then.....some scrawny kid squeaked in front of me complaining his number had not come up yet.  NOW WAIT A MINUTE!  I was just about to grab dad's cane and .... well, let's not get into that, when the woman told the line cutter he needed to wait like everybody else. (I love her!) Again, we handed over the  paperwork, she smiled, did a few things on the computer, asked for the fees and printed out our registration.  When she handed me the coveted document I winced, waiting for her to send us to another line for something. Nope! We were done....

Not hour an a half...WE HAD AN APPOINTMENT!?!?

From the DMV website:

Appointment System

Welcome to the DMV Appointment System. For faster service, please make an appointment before you visit a DMV office.  

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  1. Oh yes, Patti. I think we've all been there. My mom fast-tracked a specialist appt. for a rotator cuff injury, then waited ten months for surgery. Almost unfixable by then. Not exactly a lineup, but the same idea. Glad you were able to keep your impatience tethered. Those wicket (I didn't say wicked) people don't take kindly to demanding people!


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