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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nine Months

May 28, 2013 … my last day in the work force.   I wasn't planning on retiring early, but my dad needed help caring for my mom who was suffering from dementia and cancer. We wanted her to stay home, close to the people and things she loved.

Last night I was hit with an epiphany: My mother carried me in her womb for nine months. I just happened to count the months from when I retired (May 2013) to when my mom passed (February 2014) … Nine months.

During her pregnancy, my mother built an everlasting bond with me. She experienced wondrous changes each month as I grew and she looked forward to the day she could hold me in her arms.

As my beautiful mother did for me, I was able to do for her. Leaving my job gave me the ability to care for her and strengthen our bond through countless hours of laughing, crying, reminiscing and sometimes just sitting silent together.

The only difference in our nine months was she lovingly said hello as the doctor placed me in her arms and I lovingly said good-bye as she was welcomed into God's.

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