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Friday, May 30, 2014

I Am What I Write?

Last night my wonderful publisher, Helping Hands Press,
released Volume II - Savage Sojourner - of my Grave Obsessions series.  

Now don't freak out!  I know the post title says "I Am What I Write", but that doesn't mean I'm a psychopath ... Maybe a little like Keegan (I sometimes have faith struggles) or Sister Bernadette (sometimes I don't). I am, however, akin to the title of the series - without the Grave (well, maybe just a little grave).

One would think after Volume II I would sit back and relax for awhile, and trust me, I wish I could - but Detective Keegan won't let me (that's cute, Patti ... blame the character).  She has propelled me well into Volume III.  She was anxious to learn if she changed careers, and angry with the direction I chose to take her (take THAT Keegan....that's what you get for not letting me rest!). She's also not pleased that I placed her into another heart wrenching situation that has already resulted in predawn sob-fests for both of us.  Yikes!  Looking back at what I just wrote, I probably should change the first paragraph. Maybe I am psycho or closer to how fellow authors, Murray Pura and William Tasch described me:  "Another Sybil" or "Dr. Jekyll & Patti J. Smith".

Seriously, writing by the seat of my (our) pants is a wonderful experience...not knowing what will show up on the page from one minute to the next.  I have no clue when I'll finish this volume, but next week I leave on a New Orleans vacation with my husband and father.  I already agreed to leave my laptop at home (gasp!), so I will either embark on another marathon writing session until Wednesday or try to figure out a way to camouflage my laptop....(it's a large mirror honey,'s condensed cosmetics....WAIT!  I know!!!! ...  It's a travel ironing board!). 

Stay tuned and have a blessed day!!!!


  1. I'm a pantser too, Patti, so I know exactly what you mean. My characters get into such scrapes that I wonder how I'm ever going to rescue them!


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