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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blog Hop for Writers - Continued

The next topic for the Writer's Blog Hop is our favorite genre. I have had a few, which prompted me to take you on my genre journey.

My love of writing began at an early age with poetry.  In fact, I have a link on the left side-bar of this blog that has a collection of poems I put together a few years ago as a gift to my parents and husband.

My poetry morphed into lyrics, and I collaborated with a company in Nashville to put some to music. I've had no takers on the songs to date but with the music market flooded with submissions, I'm just a teeny drop in the bucket.  Time will tell....

My entry into the world of writing Christian devotionals as well as my personal story started with my conversion to Catholicism in 2006.  I fell in love with praying the rosary.  I was going through some personal struggles that required me to be completely open to forgiveness.  It was during that period I decided to journal about forgiveness which turned into rosary meditations ...voila!  "A Mended Heart - Rosary Meditations on Forgiveness", was born. The Holy Spirit was at the keyboard, and the words flowed.  I continued with three more devotionals, "Journey to Sunset - Rosary Meditations for Caregivers"; Redeemed - Rosary Meditations for Post Abortive Women",  "Embrace the Morning - Rosary Meditations to Calm the Storm" and "And God Still Loves Me - A Journey from the Dark Abyss of Sin to God's Mercy."

As mentioned in an earlier blog, my genre journey recently took me down the road of light romantic fiction; a collaborative project with other authors, "The San Francisco Wedding Planner".  It was a challenge for me as I had never tackled fiction before, but it ended up being a wonderful experience and a great deal of fun.

I continue to write poetry and plan on writing more fiction; however, if I had to pick my favorite genre, it would be the devotionals. There's a tugging in my heart that compels me to reach out and bring others closer to God's love, mercy and compassion.


  1. Anything that involves the heart is going to make for great writing. Thanks, Patti!

  2. Hey, nice to meet a fellow Catholic convert! Your devotionals sound cool. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Patti, your devos sound like they come from the heart. I do enjoy your blog posts.

    I'm not Catholic, but we are sisters none the less. God bless.

  4. Devotions are one of my special loves too! Although I haven't any devotional books, I write regularly for a devotional magazine a week at a time. I always feel I've learned more than my readers will when I am done.

  5. That's three genres I haven't attempted Patti. As usual, our diversity is showing :)
    It's interesting to see how many genres this particular group of bloggers covers. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  6. I have written several poems over the years and might, one day, collaborate with my music director husband to put some to music.

    My first published piece was a devotional in a collection of inspirational thoughts. (When mine was chosen, my hubby was over the moon. It's nice to have a cheering section.)

    I have never had my fiction published, but I did win second place in a contest for one of my short stories way, way back. :)

    I, like you, enjoy writing from the heart.

    All the very best.

  7. I like how you see the genres as part of your journey, Patti. Experimentation helps us learn about who we are and what we can do.

  8. A progression of genres... I've seen that in my reading, but how interesting to see it in writing too. I guess I did that too, looking back. And you can tell the genre that means the most, because that's the one that's most rewarding to write.


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