Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Writer's Block

I've been staring at the last sentence of my most recent project.  A nice sentence, clear - concise - descriptive. In fact, I'm pretty darned proud of it.   "So, what's the problem?" you say. Well, the problem is  ...  no sentence follows, THAT'S WHAT!  Two whole days and nothing. It's now day three -- I bunch up my face, beads of sweat forming on my forehead, hands poised and ... nada, zilch, diddly-squat.

Granted, I have a lot on my plate right now but writing has always taken me to a place of tranquility and distraction. The Holy Spirit usually sends down inspiration and my fingers fly across the keyboard.  Until a few minutes ago this phenomena had me baffled and frustrated so I decided to Google "writer's block quotes" for encouragement and enlightenment.  This is what I found:

It made sense ... like Peyton Manning forcing a pass into double coverage....nothing good comes from it (unless you're a Seahawks fan!).

I closed my writing file and as soon as I post this I'm turning off my laptop.  I'm putting the Holy Spirit back in control.


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