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Thursday, February 20, 2014


I'm so excited about the San Francisco Wedding Planner Series.  I've never been involved with what I call "tag team" writing but this is what happens:

Part One of the Series:  The first volume is written by all six authors. Our publisher determined the writing order then once the first author finishes a chapter, the second starts where the first left off, and so on.  
Then we each write one volume, a short story of about 10,000 words and it follows the same pattern as before.

Part Two of the Series:  We each picked a character to focus on.  We will write a short story of about 10,000 words about that particular character's backstory.  Each character's story will end where the beginning of the series starts off.

Part Three of the Series:  We each write another volume to wind down the plot and end the Series.

Volume 1, The Initial Consultation has been released and the link is on my left side-bar.  Volume 2 will be released very shortly and I just finished my draft of Volume 3.  Keep your eye out for each new release so you won't lose track and miss all the drama!

I'm working with an awesome group of talented writers and I'm confident everyone who follows the series will want more.  Don't forget to pick up Volume 1 - and follow the trials and tribulations of the San Francisco Wedding Planner.

Jen Cudmore, one of the participating authors provided this snapshot of the series

Welcome to Donovan’s Wedding Service!

You’ll experience a little fun and light romance as Heather Donovan struggles to keep all her clients, and business associates, happy. She’s so busy helping others plan the most magical wedding, she doesn’t have time for a romance of her own. But is she truly happy being alone?

Other Main Characters

Gloria Donovan – Heather’s mother who spends half her time chasing men of all ages and the other half trying to find a man to catch her busy daughter’s eye.
Raul Tate – The administrative assistant whose Metro ways sometimes cause trouble for those at the office - and for his brother.
Bryan Tate MD – Raul’s brother, a tall/dark/handsome orthopedic surgeon, who recently moved back to town to be closer to his family.
Indigo D. Crane – The eccentric photographer Heather prefers to deal with who is still waiting to be discovered as a true artist.
Mario –Playboy extraordinaire, Mario is a chef by day and often caters weddings for Heather’s clients.
Skye Jansen – Heather’s best friend since high school and biggest cheerleader- when she’s not busy with her children or trying to save the planet from PCBs, MSG, and all things chemical or artificial.

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