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Monday, February 17, 2014

Be a Light in Someone's Life

Marie Wikle one said, "Be a light in someone's life today, no matter how small - you'll still light up their world"!  That's exactly what my dad did the other day and, if possible, made me love him even more.

He and my mom, who would have celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary in March, used to love the beach and would grab a milkshake, sit in their van watching people surf and children play in the sand. It was a cherished and special time for them. As you have read from my prior posts, my mother recently passed.  A few days ago my dad told me he was going to drive to the beach. Knowing he probably wanted some private time to grieve, I didn't offer to go with him. Two hours later, I began to worry a little so I called his cell.  He answered with such a sound of joy in voice it took me by surprise.  I asked him if he was okay and he said, "I'm doing great, just listen".

You see, my mom was a collector of many things but favored her beanie baby collection.  She had over 700, all neatly packed in bins and inventoried.  When they relocated here they were stored in our garage until we could make room in our house. For a variety of reasons we somehow never got around to making space for them.   

The sound I heard on the other end of the phone that day were the voices of children. My dad, in his grief, had taken one of the bins of beanie babies to the beach, giving them to little ones. He asked each parent if it was okay, all agreed and most of them offered to pay, but my dad refused.  He told them seeing the smiles was payment enough.  

Sharing what was so special to my mom gave my dad a great deal of comfort.  When he walked in the door, I could see it in his face, knowing my mother will still continue to be a light in someone's life.



  1. Patti, it was great seeing you yesterday in Church. May God continue to comfort your family, especially your dear Dad. God bless! You're all in our prayers.

  2. Thank you so much, it was good seeing my St. Tim's family...I've missed you all!


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