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Monday, January 13, 2014


I am on a six-week  "Blog Hop" sponsored by fellow author, Ruth Snyder, who is providing the topics for each one of our blogs.  The first being:  

I'm pleased this is the first topic, because now I can no longer procrastinate.  I have to put my goals in writing and (yikes!) share with others. What better way to hold myself accountable .... thanks Ruth!!!

My writing has primarily focused on devotionals thus far but here's what 2014 "should" look like:

1.  Complete my works in progress:

*  "365 Days of Gratitude" - A book filled with the innocent words of children on gratitude.

*  "Steps of Faith" - Living the Scriptures in Recovery
*  "Solace in Scripture" - Living the Scriptures in Grief

2.  Focus on new genres (i.e., fiction).

3.  Arrange speaking engagements at conferences and fundraisers to share my faith journey           and promote my books.

4.  Seek out advice from other authors by having them critique my work.

5.  Increase my use of social media.

6.  Be diligent in maintaining my blog with a wide variety of fun, interesting and thought-             provoking topics.

7.  Set up book signings at a variety of venues once my paperback "Moments With God" is              released - and last but definitely not least.....

8.  Continue spreading the message of God's love and endless mercy in all of my work.

That's it -  Perhaps I'm being a little too overzealous because I'm exhausted already just thinking about it...but better to have too much to do than not enough.....right?


  1. Some really good goals Patti. I think I need to revamp my writing goals list:)

    Donna Fawcett

  2. Good morning Patti,
    It is so nice to meet a fellow writer. I love your goals and I am sure God does too. Don't look at the whole thing or it will overwhelm you. Know that each day is special for you and for God. Blessings for this year's writing as you listen to Him and put those words on paper (or computer).

  3. Great goals. all the best in achieving them!

  4. Hi Patti - great goals. Do you have a strategy for getting speaking engagements? Please let me know what it is... Also, if you would like to write a testimony on grief for please let me know.

    1. Thanks Bobbie! No, I don't have any specific strategy, I just let groups and organizations aware I'm available. As far as a testimony on grief, I would write about the grief of abortion. (Video of my testimony is on the left sidebar from last year's West Coast Walk for Life) as well as the grief I am experiencing losing my mom to dementia and cancer (she's still with us but fading fast). Let me know what would be appropriate for your page. Blessings.....

  5. Hi Patti - great goals. Do you have a strategy for getting speaking arrangements? Would love to hear it. If you'd like to share your testimony of grief on please let me know.

  6. Those are great goals! Good luck with fiction - that's my first love and one that I'm getting back to this year. :) Critiques are definitely helpful; I've had a great group of fellow writers here at the university to look over my first drafts and give feedback. :)

  7. Those are great goals. Fiction is my first love and this year I've been trying to get back to it. :) Critiques are definitely helpful so good luck in finding a good writer's group or crit partners. :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! You've got some impressive goals. I agree with the need for accountability, and I wish you all the best in achieving them. I also agree with the value of critiques by fellow writers. I've learned more from my critiquers than from many books.

  9. Very impressive goals - may they all be achieved!

  10. Hi Patti, your goals cover many facets of writing--good for you! It looks like you have some wonderful works-in-progress. May you see many of these things come about in 2014.

  11. Well thought out goals - best wishes as you work to achieve them this year.

  12. You've got some fantastic goals lined up for 2014. May you achieve them all by the grace of God.

  13. Wow! An impressive list of goals for the year. I forgot to include critique group meetings on my list, and (at this point in my life anyway) shudder at the idea of speaking engagements! :)


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