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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Cross

A recent court judgment once again ruled the cross at the Mt. Soledad War Memorial violates the constitution and must be removed; however, the removal order will be stayed until all legal options are exhausted. This case has been in the courts for twenty-three years with decisions coming down ordering removal as well as those indicating the cross can stay.

This beautiful cross was originally erected in 1954 to honor veterans of the Korean War. According to the Mt. Soledad Association, the cross was not viewed as a religious symbol but rather an international symbol of sacrifice.

    From the Memorial's Website
Standing today is one of the most unique Veterans Memorials in America. The only one to honor veterans, living and deceased, from the Revolutionary War to the current global “War on Terror.” Black granite plaques include a picture of the veteran with a brief summary of their military experience.

  • Currently over 3,300 veterans are honored on six of the original  Memorial Walls.  Five new walls were recently constructed which will accommodate an additional 2,400 plaques.
  • Honorees include Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Ford and Reagan, twelve Medal of Honor recipients, Admirals Stockdale and Halsey, Generals Pershing and Patton, celebrity veterans Audie Murphy and Jimmy Stewart and more than 3,300 other veterans with names that are not familiar, but who proudly served our country helping preserve the freedoms we enjoy.”

It is a sad state of affairs when something this meaningful to so many be ordered to be removed because a few people are offended. Religious symbols such as a cross or Star of David are seen engraved on some of the individual plaques on the walls...will they have to be removed as well?  

To quote Bruce Bailey, the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association President, “This issue is bigger than just the cross at Mt. Soledad. If removing a cross in this arena is allowed to happen, what is next?  It won’t stop here; it will have major ramifications all across our country.”  

So true, Mr. Bailey, so sadly true.

How do you feel about this?
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  1. Patti, this makes me very sad. Thanks for highlighting what's happening. We need to stand up for religious freedom.


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