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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Along with my second series of devotionals I'm moving forward with my book "365 Days of Gratitude - From the Hearts of Children.

I met with the principal of a local Catholic school today and have received confirmation of participation from two other parochial schools and one public.  I have also received comments from a home-school group and a former colleague sent me her students' comments over the weekend ... all were precious!  

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this and about how well it's been received in the school community. It appears we're all ready for some gratitude!!!!  I am definitely grateful the Holy Spirit nudged me in this direction!

Has your child expressed happiness or gratitude towards something lately?  Let me might show up in my book!


On the football front, my marriage was tested over the weekend as I played my husband in fantasy football.  I beat him last time we squared off but the tables turned.  He blew me away but I eeked into the playoffs.   My Seahawks rocked against the Saints on Monday so that softened the blow on my fantasy loss.


Please drop by tomorrow to read a wonderful guest post from fellow author Jen Cudmore as she shares her insights on "letting go".  



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