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Sunday, October 6, 2013


It doesn't appear to be my weekend for football ----and only half the teams have played.......

1)  There were upsets - my Pick-Em (pick the winner) list looks like I was supposed to choose the loser.
2)  My Seahawks lost their first game....(tears streaming down my face)
3)  My fantasy team was playing against someone who didn't even play some of his players and he's ahead of me....I decided to change quarterbacks this week and my quarterback got injured, my benched quarterback is doing wonderfully,  my projected high scoring receivers and backs decided to play an early Halloween trick on the statisticians and not produce (I can just see them going "nanner, nanner, nanner").  

Why I put myself through this torture every weekend is beyond me....

I think I'll retreat to my office and continue my compilation project - I know that's going to be a winner!!!!

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