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Friday, October 25, 2013


Psalms 32:8: "I will instruct you and show you the way you should walk,
give you counsel with my eye upon you."

Battle stations! It was time for me to put all my painstaking preparation into play. I was successful in convincing my husband that after draft prep and draft day, my dereliction of domestic duties would cease. He reluctantly let me use his office which housed his beloved antique oak desk but most importantly, his state-of-the art high-speed computer with quality video conferencing could I possibly be victorious with a five-year old, slower-than-molasses laptop in the all-important player selection process. He even said I could lock the office door. The time is drawing near...the combat environment needed to be perfect. Remove husband's paperwork from the desk and shove in a drawer - check (they weren't in any specific order, right?). Curtains closed – check. Phone ringer off – check. Computer on – check. Sweatband on – check. Jersey and jeans on – check. Draft analysis list – check. Note-pads – check. Handful of pencils with erasers – check. Bottle of wine, no, two bottles of wine – check. 2 pound bag of M & M's – check. Box of tissues – check. Portable toilet (just kidding)..., last but definitely not least … a prayer for guidance – check. Now don't go off on me about that last step, it is absolutely appropriate asking for divine intervention. (The Psalms read it...right?)

I hugged my kids, kissed my husband and with the fearless demeanor of a quarterback facing a six-foot nine, four-hundred pound defensive end, marched into the office. The door closed - lock clicked. I had arrived - fully entrenched in my private draft strategy fortress. As Harry Connick Jr. said in Independence Day, “Let's kick the tires and light the fires”!

I stared at the screen, watching the commissioner pace nervously waiting for everyone to announce themselves … worthy adversaries all. The white board on the wall was pristine, except for black lines that created the draft chart. There were twelve columns and sixteen rows. Each column will show a team name.

Let me digress for a minute...before the season even starts, everyone involved tries to come up with a clever team name. I'm not one for cute nor am I one for something that has “mature” content. I wanted my name to spawn fear in my opponents, something that described my fantasy prowess. Yep, that's what I wanted but in a "mom" moment I thought it would be a bonding experience if I allowed my children to select the name. For crying out loud....what was I thinking? The Scoobydooers - really?  Be afraid, be very afraid.




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