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Monday, October 7, 2013


After seeing a great movie (Gravity), attending a Gala, and being disappointed in football results, it's time to focus ahead.  My husband worries about me because he says my mind never shuts off ... which is probably true.  When we drove into our neighborhood last night, after venturing out to Sonic for a chocolate malt (comfort food to cure BFW - bad football weekend), I noticed some of our neighbors were already putting up their Christmas lights.  Now don't panic, I'm not decorating this week, but my mind is in overdrive - again.

Before my parents moved in with us we were never home at Christmas, we were in Las Vegas at their home, so we didn't see the need to decorate.  Last year, they were already living here, and I was trying to remember why we didn't deck the halls and then I remembered...we were in the midst of construction.  In my previous postings I failed to mention that when my folks moved in, my dad's 80 year-old brother moved in with us as well.  We only had a two bedroom house so we added another bedroom and family room. Construction wasn't complete until February.

Melding three households has resulted in a multitude of boxes full of decorations, so this is the year!   I have plans for the lights and the yard; however, I need ideas on how to make a new garden area extraordinarily beautiful as it faces the street.  The succulents have grown a little since these pictures, but the arrangement is still the same...

Below is the area I'm talking about...

Let your decorative juices flow and post your suggestions!!!!


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